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ROQED Physics Lab

Fully functional virtual physics laboratory to create real interactive experiments

Time Efficient

Set up the lab in less than 4 minutes and spend more time learning physics.

Full Inventory

Have every lab tool in the needed quantity. Don’t worry about the equal distribution of equipment.

Guide to follow

Instructions are available to demonstrate a phenomenon and laws of nature systematically.

ROQED Physics corresponds to all chapters of South Africa’s curriculum

Conducting virtual experiments using ROQED Physics is an engaging and enthralling process.

The app contains over 80 virtual 3D laboratory instruments and it is an ideal environment for preparing and conducting experiments of any complexity based on the school curriculum.

Conduct Experiment
Measure the data. Repeat steps – ROQED Physics has a distinguishing feature – randomised systematic error. This feature allows users to run an experiment several times and receive different outcomes. Which in turn, gives an opportunity to estimate and error and uncertainty of measurements
Gather Data
Fill in the table. Observe – In ROQED Physics, users can gather data from different runs changing initial conditions of setup. Fill in appropriate tables and sheets and observe how nature works. Pre-installed labs provide step-by-step instructions, which allow users to easily navigate and conduct any desired lab.
Analyse Results
Derive values. Estimate error. Plot graphs
Users can play with gathered data by plotting graphs, calculating trend lines and equations, deriving uncertainties, deviations and other important values to validate their experiment results.

ROQED Physics Key Features

Benefits Gr 6 - 12

Virtual 3D Laboratory

30+ pre-installed experiments

Learn real experimental physics

Save time & money by avoiding the need to build a real lab

Correct simulation of physical processes: gravity, combustion, evaporation, friction, etc

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Physics Lab

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